Automatic Installation under Ubuntu 18.04

Users of Ubuntu Linux 18.04 may use an automatic installation script.

Open a terminal and execute the commands

wget -nc
bash ./
source ~/.bashrc

This script will install NFDMLab in the folder ~/git/nfdmlab. Proceed to the section Testing the Installation below after installation.

Manual Installation

NFDMLab is developed under Linux and written in Python. Please make sure that a recent version of Python 3 is available on your computer. It should be possible to install NFDMLab under other operating systems, but we have no experience with such setups. Before NFDMLab can be run, the following dependencies have to be installed.

  1. Matplotlib, NumPy and SciPy
  2. Jupyter Notebooks (optional, only for interactive examples)
  3. FNFT
  4. FNFTpy

Please see the documentations of these packages for details on how to install them. After installation of the dependencies, download a recent release of NFDMLab, extract the files into some directory and proceed to the section Testing the Installation.

Testing the Installation

Once all required components are installed, change into the directory that contains NFDMLab and start Python. For example, if you used the installation script:

cd ~/git/nfdmlab

Then, in Python, try the following:

import Examples
ex = Examples.BuelowArefIdler2016()
[tx_data, rx_data] =
ex.evaluate_results(tx_data, rx_data)

or load one of the files in Notebook directory in Jupyter for the interactive version:

jupyter notebook Notebooks/BuelowArefIdler2016.ipynb